A bug has broken off a speedrunner setting a world record in GTA 5


Recently, we have published how the bug helped a speedrunner to pass an eight-hour game in 10 minutes. The author of the Twitch channel DarkViperAU wasn’t that lucky. The GTA 5 bug prevented him from breaking a speedrunning global record in the category Classic% after a 6-hour gameplay.

The streamer has already set a few records in The Big Score Grand Theft Auto V. If the gamer had driven a car in a truck after the final robbery, he would have outperformed the category winner by 5 minutes. However, the car was being fired by the airplane, which brought in to the opposite lane. The time was wasted. That’s not all: after the game restart, the truck appeared broken so the car couldn’t be placed inside.

As a result, it was the ToriksLV channel streamer from Latvia who broke the speedrunning record in all missions of the game not taking a taxi. He managed to pass the game in 6 hours 36 minutes.


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