Dota 2 breaks the records for Twitch views


The last week has been a milestone for Twitch. Viewers have spent 30.6 million hours watching The International 2017 streams in seven days. A new shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has beaten the record of the iconic League of Legends in terms of time spent on watching it.

Real-time strategy Dota 2 has broken its own record and taken the first place in terms of views per week, notes the gaming blogger Nicolas Cerrato in his article. Such hype is explained with the streaming of the largest eSports tournament The International 2017. Around 2.5 million viewers watched the play on the third map of the final battle.

Second record-holder was PUBG – a multiplayer online survival simulator game with the elements of a shooter. It was made publicly available in March of 2017 and managed to break the records of such games as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. On August 13, players spent more time on it than on CS:GO. Just in a week, PUBG streams were watched for a longer period of time than LoL streams – 16.9 and 15 million hours per week respectively.

StreamingShow. Dota 2 breaks the records for Twitch views


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