Want The International streaming show you? Easy breezy!


2 year’s major tournament will take place pretty soon.

In a week, there will be a competition for the hugest prize pool in the eSports history: around $22.5 million! 18 teams from around the world will be involved in the tournament, and it is hard to imagine an amount of viewers excitedly monitoring matches.

Nevertheless, now you do not have to pass selection qualifiers or even buy a ticket to the LAN events in order to be shown during The International livestream. Valve has decided to make game fans happy, offering them to shoot videos that will be able to enter the air before matches.

One is going to show fans’ videos at the beginning of every competition day. Thematic video records should have at least 720p quality and be posted on YouTube in advance. Valve members will select worthy works.

Find details on the official game website. Good luck!