How children and parents help streamer to become popular?


Streamers often become popular not only due to hard work or qualitative content but some incident during a streaming session. Somebody sets fire to hair or a flat, someone is caught by the police or gets robbed. Some cases happen spontaneously, some are fabricated.

One of the most innocent and real-life situations is an unexpected appearance of streamer’s children or parents during a streaming session. For instance, a few weeks ago, the JurassicJunkieLive Twitch channel author managed to expand its audience from one hundred to 4000 subscribers when he got scared of his own daughter while streaming Outlast 2.

The second example – McJuggerNuggets. He deliberately uses his father’s aggression to attract the audience attention. The most famous video partly consists of Minecraft streaming shots, partly of a scene shot by his brother where their furious father was throwing a monitor because his son played video games days and nights instead of working.

On the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel, there are 3.5 m subscribers while on the Twitch platform – more than 392 thousand.

Also, one more popular character is the famous CIS streamer’s father whose career we described in details not long ago. However, unlike McJuggerNuggets, SilverName doesn’t quarrel with his father for camera, their interaction is interesting for other reasons.