Which streaming platform is better – YouTube or Twitch?


Since the arrival of another platform for running and watching streams – YouTube Gaming – a question arises: “Which platform is better?” The comparison of functions, technical characteristics, and additional capabilities will help to understand the issue better.

Technological base

Although Twitch has been operating since 2011, the possibility to stream at 1080p resolution and 60 FPS appeared in March of 2017. YouTube Gaming originally offered this function. However, for major live streams, for example, Gamescom conference, Full HD streaming has bigger delays on YouTube Gaming.

Google offers advantages for those who use virtual reality technologies. Panoramic live streams and HDR technology for PS4 Pro players are not on the list of Twitch’s technological capabilities. Why? The video streaming website was developed specifically for gaming streams. Users do not always need to watch quality videos on laptops and smartphones.

Interface and functions

Twitch is a place where one can find field-specific streamers, experts in a specific game. Therefore, it is generally thought that there are more beginners on YouTube Gaming. It determines the audience that watches streams. Chats on Twitch feature less bots and more people.

StreamingShow: Which streaming platform is better – YouTube or Twitch?

Video recordings are stored on YouTube and collect even more post views. Twitch stores videos on servers for 14 days and then deletes them.

As for the interface, YouTube Gaming is similar to Twitch. YouTube Gaming videos are sorted by categories and games, users can check on top videos and use other functions. However, there is no possibility to cut out a piece of a track as in the Twitch player. However, users can backwind a live stream for more than 4 hours in case they have missed the start.

Twitch’s bots ensure the observance of copyrights and cut out the whole sound track when they notice some borrowed music. On YouTube, copyright holders insert advertisements and take the fees.

Mobile application

The installed mobile version of YouTube cannot be used for watching streams; users should download the Gaming application for that purpose. It has not been fully optimized yet, and sometimes recommendations offer an ordinary video.

Mobile Twitch application has a separate recommendations tab called Pulse. Pre-roll ads can be watched in the right corner together with the live stream.


Applications support videos with 1080p resolution and 60 FPS. As the majority of users prefer watching videos on smartphones or use mobile Internet, the optimized mobile version is important. We have concluded that Twitch is more suitable for streaming and watching game videos, whereas YouTube Gaming is better for gaming conferences and tournaments. An ideal solution would be to stream videos on both platforms to increase the audience.


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