Code streaming – evolutionary step in programming


Video games streaming remains the most popular niche, but more and more types of broadcasts are becoming increasingly popular. A good example is code streaming, which can be called an evolutionary step in socialization of the programming field itself.

Socialization and programming may seem incompatible concepts to some of you. The stereotype of a gloomy IT-escapist who codes alone in a dark room is widespread. However, the popularity of such service as LiveEdu (formerly shows that programming can also be an element of socialization that connects people with common hobbies.

Streaming.Show:  Code streaming – evolutionary step in programming streaming platform was created in 2014 by Jamie Green and Michael J. Garbade. More than 1 million people from 194 countries have already used it. There are about 13 thousand registered streamers and more than 200,000 livestream recordings stored on the website.

The popularity of livestreams with someone coding is primarily based on the knowledge value that can be obtained by watching. But education is not the only value. Communication, support and experience exchange are thing that code streaming community and its viewers value the most. Therefore, broadcasts allow them not only to have a good time and learn something but also socialize.


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