PUBG: stream honkers replaced stream snipers


In the last days of July, there was a scandal: the popular streamer Michael Grzesiek known as Shroud was being snipered by Lotoe in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Watching Twitch broadcasting to kill streamers’ heroes in the game has become a trending topic.

However, players suspected for stream sniping are banned, which happened to Lotoe. Some PUBG fans found a more safe way of getting even with streamers.

It is called stream honking (honking – to beep, hoot). In practice, gamers follow Twitch stars in PUBG by cars beeping all the time. The annoying sound detracts from the gameplay but the culprits are difficult to punish due to the absence of aggressive actions.

Popular streamers Grimmmz, Lirik and DrDisrespect also suffer from the stream honking.