What is the income of the richest Chinese blogger?


The richest Chinese blogger Lele Tao earns about 37 thousand USD monthly singing and dancing. The 24-year-old girl spends near 9 hours online and always puts on makeup before meeting subscribers.

According to the girl, she has to be as fit as a fiddle in order to compete with other bloggers. It takes her three hours to prepare for steaming. Then, Lele chats with subscribers and dances in front of a camera.

Lele has started climbing a career ladder since she was 18 by signing a contract with an agency. Currently, her annual revenue is accounted at 448 thousand USD although some part goes to the partners.

Streaming is of high popularity in China. As reported by the consultancy iResearch, in 2016, the money turnover of this activity was 3 bn USD.


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