Who has the greatest influence in videogame streaming?


Forbes has published top ten high-profile bloggers, focusing on 6 various areas. The same amount of categories will be also prepared by September. The results are based on Twitch and YouTube channels.

list of highlighted categories includes videogames. Besides blogs, the majority of influencers are engaged in streaming dedicated to this sector. We offer you to look at ranking leaders.

# 1. Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach

American blogger from Hawaii. His main YouTube channel has more than 17.8 million people, and this figure is rapidly growing. Mark primarily specializes in indie games and horrors. He does not pay so much attention to his Twitch channel, but nevertheless this resource has collected around 597 thousand subscribers.

# 2. Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Chelberg

Nickname of this charming Swede guy is known across the world. Perhaps, he comes well ahead of other videogame bloggers in terms of popularity. Nonetheless, his name is also associated with quite unpleasant stories, though they are doubtful veracity. Thus, despite more than 56 million YouTube subscribers, he takes just the second position in the ranking. Besides, blogger’s Twitch channel has 860 thousand subscribers.

# 3. Evan ‘VanossGaming’ Fong

Twenty-four-year-old Canadian boy became famous mainly by his sense of humor. Playing games with his friends or alone, he jokes for camera in such a way that the audience cannot remain indifferent. His YouTube channel has around 20.9 million subscribers.